The different types of horse dildos

Some people certainly like to horse around in the bedroom. For this many might also like to have a special toy. This special toy can be a horse dildo. A horse dildo is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a dildo which is extra long for people who like it large. Many of these large dildos are also exact anatomical replicas of a literal horse penis. But before going on any further, it’s important to clear one frequent question regarding this:

Do people who like using horse dildos engage in or like bestiality?

Using horse dildos doesn’t mean that the users are into bestiality. It’s all about pleasuring oneself and using a large phallus to do it. After all, some people prefer extra-large ones which make these horse dildos perfect for any sex adventures.

Things to consider before using a horse dildo

Horse dildos make many people curious. But there are some things you need to consider and know before using it:

  • Horse dildos are massive even though some do offer some kind of choice when it comes to size. But if you are new to using dildos then these aren’t for you. You will have to work your way up to these otherwise you will get hurt using them. So start with a small you and then slowly move on to using the large ones.
  • Know that horse dildo are made for penetration. In that case, you need to consider what you can accommodate. You need to be very careful regarding what you can take in comparison to what feels painful to you. Make sure you but lube when buying these dildos. You will need that.
  • Before buying make sure if you want it for anal or vaginal play. Also, figure out if your hands-free want one. Other things you need to consider is what the dildo is made up of. Tip: Before getting any horse dildo from the internet, then make sure to check the reviews underneath it. If you are buying one from a sex shop then ask the staff as many questions about it as you need.

Different kinds of horse dildos available

There are many different kinds of horse dildos available. For all of them fall within three major categories:

The PNBB Big Horse

If you do use sex toys pretty regularly and want to move on to larger dildos then PNBB is a good choice. This horse dildo is large with a full length of 9.96 inches. Out of that 8.5 inches can be inserted. It has a girth of 2.08 inches. But this one certainly isn’t as large as some of the other dildos available in the market. Yet this is a good one, to begin with, if you have recently decided to begin trying out horse dildos.

This toy is made out of transparent TPE and gives you a very realistic skin-like feeling when you use it. But despite it, it’s odourless, flexible, waterproof and body-safe. The PNBB is also textured and beautifully ribbed at the shaft. It’s just in the right places so that you get the pleasure you deserve. Along with this, the dildo also has a very strong suction cup if you would much prefer a hands free one. You can use this for both anal and vaginal play.

LZYAA Super Big Size Dildo

This isn’t for beginners at all. LZYAA is enormous and it should be used by people who are used to playing with large sex toys. So if you fall into this category and are looking for something which is truly a behemoth then try out this one. The LYZAA measures 16.2 inches in length and you can insert almost all of it. The shaft mostly has a diameter of 2.16 inches, but at its widest point it measures 2.56″. It measures 1.73 inches at its smallest diameter.

The shaft of this dildo is smooth but there’s a very small lined vine texture on it as well. The dildo is firm but it’s also flexible. Made up of medical quality PVC, there is a suction cup on the base of the dildo so that you can use it hands-free. When it comes to colours, you can get it in purple, beige or black. You will be able to use it for both anal and vaginal pleasure. But as said before, make sure that you will be able to accommodate the length before clicking on the Buy option online.

Chance the Stallion

This horse dildo is available in both unflared and flared designs. This sex toy is fully customizable and even a beginner can enjoy the pleasure of this toy. This dildo is available in small, large or medium size. You will even have the choice to select the kind of firmness you want. You can get a soft dildo, a medium-firm one, one with a soft/medium shaft but firm base or vice versa. This will let you make a toy that will be perfect for your body’s needs. Apart from this, the stallion dildo is available in many colours. So there’s a choice in all of the areas.

The shaft in this toy too is smooth and it has a very well positioned veins on it for giving added sensation. There is also a raised ring which is useful for more stimulation. It is made from the highest grade of silicone so you can use it with ease.

The above are kinds of horse dildos show the three different kinds of dildos which are available in the market. Sure, you will get different brands, but most of it will fall within these three categories. You will get those horse dildos which are customizable, those which are extra large and those which are for beginners. It’s up to you to choose one according to your needs and what you can indeed accommodate. Remember to always work up to the large dildos. Don’t use them if you have just begun using sex toys. These are more categories that you can view, so you can choose the best variant for you.

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